about me.

Hello, thanks for taking the time out to read my portfolio! My name is Max and am currently a junior in High school. I play tennis and maintain a GPA of around 3.9 (A minus or better). I am a part of my school’s national honor society, and take all honor classes where I can. Some hobbies of mine are table tennis, cryptocurrencies, and playing games with friends. My programming experience starts near the end of my 8th grade year, where I learned that the best way to do something is to do it yourself. From there, I have branched off into many subjects involving app development, game plugins (minecraft), and many other subjects.

my experience.

My love for programming started off with making game extensions for the sandbox game minecraft. From there, I have moved onto mobile app development while still making extensions for minecraft regularly. I’ve been programming for a little over two years, and have worked as both a free-lance and an inhouse developer for multiple organizations. I have worked off of numerous libraries to add to the game of minecraft. Some of my collaborations consisted of networking multiple server instances, or improving connection speeds with using libraries like the HikariCP for pooling connections to a database. I do have a lot of smaller projects, with each being unique and not over-used in the minecraft community. You can view my resources here, make sure to sign in if you have an account to view my premium resource(s)! My github is also readily available, however, for now it is merely a container for my work (Most repos lack proper documentation). Some ongoing projects of mine are on my github exclusively, and most of my updated work is on there as-well. Mobile app development is relatively new to me, and I am still learning Swift (now Android) at an enormous rate per day. I hope to make a basic app in the coming months, and will plan on posting it to both my github and here. I also have a Youtube channel where I post speed-art and programming (to come) videos. Check that out here.


  • Spigot/Bukkit API
  • Maven

SQL Databases

  • MySQL

Version Control

  • Git

Mobile App development

  • Swift
  • Android

contact me.

I am open to propositions of any kind that may be suitable for me! Please contact me either through email (maxfuligni@gmail.com), discord (Perotin#3447) or Spigot. I do have a busy work schedule, so I cannot guarantee any accordance to what you may have to offer. Please use one of the forms listed above, as the contact window below is broken (WIP).